PHotoFUNIBER’24 Jury

PHotoFUNIBER’24 Jury


Liz Tasa

Liz Tasa, 1988, Peru. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Piura (Peru). She received a scholarship for the Master of Documentary Photography at Centro de la Imagen (2018-Peru). She is currently a Public Gallery artist and a member of Woman Photograph. She is a freelance photographer and has collaborated with various national and international media.

She has worked as a photojournalist in different media in Peru and has developed several personal projects of documentary nature that revolve around social exclusion, racism, and human rights. She is part of the 6×6 Global Talent Latin America 2019 of the World Press Photo.

She has been a finalist in various photographic contests and has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions.


Edu Ponces

Photojournalist. He began his professional career in Central America where he was chief photographer of the digital media of El Salvador. Since then, he has collaborated with international media such as The Guardian, CNN en Español, Internazionale, El Pais, or Revista 5W. He has focused most of his reports on three themes: Migration, organized crime, and environmental crisis.

He has received several awards such as the Premio Ortega y Gasset de periodismo 2019, Picture of the Year (POY) 2014, POY Latam 2017 and 2023, and the Documenting Human Migrations grant from the National Geographic Society, among others.

He studied photography and photojournalism at Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) and is one of the founding partners of RUIDO Photo.


Adriana Peralta

Adriana Peralta, Cusco. She studied journalism in Brazil and received a Master’s degree in Communications from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She is currently a freelance photographer after having worked for the NGO Guaman Poma de Ayala as editor of the magazines Parlante and Warmi, the latter focusing on women’s organizations.

She is in charge of the photographic projects area of the independent publishing house Ceques Editores. And she is a member of the photographers’ collective Ñawinchis (our eyes). Occasionally, she works for the press.

Her photographs are part of different publications dedicated to the culture and identity of Cusco. She has participated in group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

As a photographer, her work is essentially documentary. Her images highlight the courage and strength of Andean women.


Ana Caroline de Lima

Ana Caroline de Lima is a photographer, journalist, postgraduate in anthropology, and a National Geographic Explorer, born in Brazil. Her work covers socio-environmental issues, climate issues, and traditional and contemporary cultures from a humanistic and intimate perspective. From the Andes to the Amazon, much of her work takes place in South America, as well as projects in countries such as Vietnam, India, Myanmar, and Sweden.

Her work has been awarded nationally and internationally by places such as the Royal Photographic Society, Survival International, and Getty Images, and exhibited in more than 20 countries such as Banff Mountain Festival (Canada), Museo di Roma in Trastevere (Italy), Oxo Tower (England), and Palacio de Maldonado (Spain). On behalf of the National Geographic Society, in addition to the fellowship and Explorer title received in 2021, she also received a Covid Emergency Fund grant in 2021 and a Meridian Grant in 2022.

Clients include the National Geographic Society, GEO, Bloomberg, US News and World Report, and NGOs such as CARE, Terre-Solidaire, Amazon Conservation, and ActionAid.

Ana also acts as a lecturer and has given workshops in Brazil and abroad related to photography and visual anthropology. She is a member of Diversify Photo, Everyday Projects, Women Photograph, and Authority Collective, and founder of Everyday Andes and Everyday Amazon.

See more of her work at or on Instagram @antropologiavisual