PHotoFUNIBER contest rules

PHotoFUNIBER contest rules

FUNIBER, in collaboration with the European University of the Atlantic, the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Mexico), the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (UNINCOL) and the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Puerto Rico) launches its first edition of the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest.


    FUNIBER organizes the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest as a moment to take a break to contemplate the world and its diversity. Being present in more than 30 countries thanks to the online training, with students, professors and researchers from across the globe, we value plurality and talent. We promote effort and connection.

    We appreciate critical but positive looks on the future.

    In the FUNIBER’s Cultural Work framework, we have created the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest with the aim of claiming a look that reflects the global diversity, beauty, mystery and fragility, the social cooperation, the perfection or the imperfection, the solidarity and social cooperation, making us be more sensitive to human intelligence and creativity.


    Participation is open to any person of legal age, amateur and/or professional photographers living in any of the countries where FUNIBER is present, with the submission of original photographs that have not been awarded any prize in other contests or that have been commercially exploited with journalistic or advertising purposes, and that are included in the contest’s topic.

    Participation in this contest entails the acceptance of the contest rules and the acceptance of the jury’s and organization’s decisions made.

    Employees and partners from the following institutions associated with the contest’s organizations are excluded from participating in PhotoFUNIBER’19: Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Mexico), International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Puerto Rico), European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) and Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (UNINCOL).


    NATURE: Nature environments photos, fauna, flora, and other nature elements.

    HERITAGE: Photos of cultural elements such as architecture, dance, gastronomy, craft, music, etc.

    PHOTOJOURNALISM: Photos that show the human complexities through people, facts and actions that represent human values such as solidarity, cooperation, education and personal development.

    CREATIVE: Artistic and creative photos in which the photo has a message, with or without digital or handmade manipulation.


    Participants can submit 1 (one) photo to one of the four categories.

    Works with total technical and artistic retouching can be submitted, except for the categories “Nature” and “Photojournalism”, for which no digitally altered photos will be accepted. Nevertheless, quality adjustments are accepted in any category.

  5. JURY

    FUNIBER will review all the submitted works and will make a previous selection of 50 photos maximum per category, that will go on to the final selection.

    The finalist works will be reviewed and valued by the Honor Jury in charge of selecting the awarded works and those that get an honorable mention.

    The Organization reserves the right to replace any member of the jury if necessary. The jury’s final decision will not be open to appeal.

    The 50 finalist photos in each category will also be visible at a gallery created in the contest’s homepage to be subject to popular voting via Facebook likes. The voting promotion can be done by the photography author in any communication channel that the author thinks is appropriate.

    Public voting will be open until April 28th, 11:59 pm (Spanish time).


    The winner for each category, chosen by the jury, will be awarded a €400 prize and an 80% scholarship to study one of the postgraduate programs promoted by FUNIBER

    In addition, the author of the most voted photo from each category will also be awarded a €300 prize and a 50% scholarship to study one of the postgraduate programs promoted by FUNIBER. Voting will be done via the contest’s homepage, with Facebook likes.

    A Special UNEATLANTICO Prize will be awarded for the 2 best photos submitted by students/alumni of any degree from the European University of the Atlantic, with a €200 award for every winner.

    A Special FUNIBER Prize will be awarded for the 2 best photos submitted by postgraduate students who have received a FUNIBER scholarship and who have completed their studies or are currently in the process of doing so. Two prizes of €200 will be awarded.

    For every category, there may be honorable mentions. In such a case, an accrediting diploma will be awarded, and the work will be promoted via social networks, the FUNIBER’s communication platforms and the exhibitions that may be created.

    Prizes are not cumulative.

    The PhotoFUNIBER’19 winning works will be exhibited in the exhibition room of the European University of the Atlantic, in Santander (Spain). Afterwards, the exhibition will turn into a touring exhibition in some of the countries where FUNIBER is present, through its Cultural Work.

    Note: Awards ceremony may take up to two months from the publication fate of the winner.


    The contest’s resolution will be made public through the contest’s homepage and through the communication channels that FUNIBER deems appropriate.

    Once the jury selects the winners of the different categories, winners will be informed via e-mail about the prize they are awarded. In case the organization cannot reach the winners in the next 3 working days from the contest’s jury resolution, the organization reserves the exclusive right to decide whether prizes are to be awarded again, therefore selecting a new work, or they may decide to declare the prize as void.

    Winner photos will have to submit high-resolution digital files (see specifications regarding work presentation in section 8).


    The term to present and register the works will be from February 25th to March 18th, until 11:59 pm (Spanish time).

    Winners will be announced on May 10th.

    To participate, the author has to send the digital file in JPG format, in RGB mode, 1,500p minimum on one side, with a maximum 10Mb file size and 200ppp resolution.

    Registration can be made by filling in the form, available at Only one registration per person is accepted, in case that the person has registered more than once, only the first form will be valid.

    After the resolution’s communication, awarded authors will have to send their digital files in high resolution (40 cm, the biggest side to a minimum 300 dpi resolution, TIFF format) within a 5-day maximum period.

    • The only image formats that will be considered to participate will be TIFF and JPG, exclusively.
    • Photos should have at least 3,508p on the short side and a 300dpi minimum resolution. The image mode can be RGB, CMYK or grayscale. However, for the initial registration, it is necessary that the photo is in RGB mode and JPG format, as it is stated in section 7.
    • Any photos that are digitally altered more than necessary will not be admitted (exposure adjustments, contrast, white balance and HDR moderate use). Photomontages will not be accepted except for the ”Creative” category.
    • Previously awarded photos in another contest will not be accepted. Participants attest to the originality of their work.
    • The non-compliance with the previous section will mean the immediate exclusion from the contest, in current and future editions. In case any of the works had already been awarded, the jury’s resolution will be void and the participant will have to return the prize or the money, and the organization will reserve the right to take any measures deemed as appropriate.

    Authors of the selected and awarded photos will transfer their reproduction, communication and release rights to the organization’s contest to promote and advertise the contest, as well as the exhibition rights, for there will be traveling exhibitions associated with the organization; the author’s name will always be present and there will be no prejudice to the author’s rights.

    Participants confirm they are the owners of the photos’ rights and are held accountable for their contents, without implying the contest’s organizers and sponsors.


    Participating in the edition entails the acceptance of the rules. Any contingency that is not stated in the rules will be solved by the organization.

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